Dual Language

What is Dual Language?

Dual Language is a language enrichment program that provides literacy and content instruction in two languages.

In the dual language classroom, students are organized so each class a has balance of dominant English and Spanish/Mandarin speakers.

The program values 2 languages equally and strive to teach children to speak, read, write and learn in English and Spanish/Mandarin.

Highly qualified teachers are licensed and trained to teach the children in English and Spanish or Mandarin.

Teachers will speak exclusively in target language of the day.

Dual Language Benefits

In recent years, students who have participated in dual language programs have demonstrated great academic success.

  • Being Bilingual and Biliterate.
  • Preserving your native language or learning a second language.
  • Future job opportunities.
  • Seal of biliteracy on High school Diploma.

Goals of the Dual Language Program

The overall goal of our DL program is for all students to be bilingual, bi-literate, and bi-cultural. By the end of 5th grade, students will be able to:

  • Develop a high level of proficiency in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing in their first language.
  • Develop a high level of proficiency in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing in their second language.
  • Academically perform at or above grade level.
  • Demonstrate positive cross-cultural attitudes and behaviors.
  • Have the benefit of learning a 2nd language while enriching their native language.
  • Learn appropriate grade level content while developing their bilingual proficiency.
  • Use 2 languages comfortably and effectively in social situations appropriate for their age level.
  • Communicate effectively through reading and writing in 2 languages at a level appropriate for their age.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is eligible to apply?

A. Children are being admitted into the program in kindergarten. All incoming kindergarten children zoned for Sunset Parks School are eligible to apply.

Q. Will learning Spanish/Mandarin interfere with the development of my child’s English skills?

A. No. Studies have shown that children who learn a second language score higher on standardized tests. Learning a second language will enhance your child’s native ability.

Q. I do not speak Spanish or Mandarin. How do I help my child learn this new language?

A. Parents are encouraged to explain academic content in their native language. Reading to your child in English is strongly recommended since literacy skills will transfer to the new language.

Q. How will my child be selected?

A. After registration, your child may be eligible to attend a Dual Language screening. You will be contacted in June and informed of your child’s status in the program.