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SPS staff wish list

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Ms. Rosado & Ms. Tao

Art supplies for 59 students- I would love each kid to have Crayola Washable Watercolor Set-16-Colors, package of colored construction paper, safety scissor, elmer's glue and a package of crayola magic model clay.


Ms. Quezada Bringing flexibility for blended learning in class 4-501

I am a 4th grade special education teacher currently teaching in a ENL ICT class. My students are aged 9-10, and come from low income home with limited materials for both home and in school learning. My students are also a group of diverse learners with a wide range of needs that I feel can be best met when they are provided with an environment of learning that caters to them. The materials I am asking for will help my students succeed this academic school year. Due to the pandemic, my students are part of the blended learning program. On the days we are in school, students are being asked to sit at their desk for endless hours which is difficult for everyone especially children with individual learning needs. I am requesting these seating options and materials so that my students can have alternative seating options. Due to social distancing, our children are not able to roam around the classroom as they have done in previous years. Aside from the bathroom and hand washing, they spend the day at their desks.
I believe that providing them with flexible seating they are able to stay on task, move safely and learn better. Since we are unable to have multiple seating arrangements in the classroom, share or move around regularly, my students can have their own choice of seating that they can use throughout the school year. In addition, the days in which we have good weather we can transition our learning to an outdoor space and students can take their seat cushions with them so they are not seated on the floor. When my students are learning from home, they also have limited space and are often laying on a bed. With the option of taking home their seat cushions they can have the flexibility to sit near a window or find a quiet space around the house with limited distraction and be comfortable.
These items will help keep their materials secure, safe and most importantly germ free. It will be great to see children working in a safe space with the joy, comfort and flexibility that should come with learning. My students look forward to learning in the classroom as they require extra support and truly struggle. It would make us all tremendously happy to see this happen within our classroom as I have seen how flexible seating can positively increase student performance!

Thank you so much for considering to support our classroom project!
Class 4-501


Ms. Lui's Social Distancing Classroom Wishlist

I've been a self-contained ENL Teacher for 7 years and I am currently in my 2nd year teaching in a ENL/ICT classroom setting, which I grew to love! Therefore, I would love to have classroom supplies that will support the needs of my diverse learners, especially during this time of new changes that students have to adjust. I want my students to have a positive experience inside and outside of the school building and feeling safe, comfortable and respected in all aspects of their academic practices.


Lindsey - Kindergarten Dual Language

Help me give my students canopies, foldable seats with backs, writing and drawing utensils, notebooks, dry erase boards, and lapdesks; so they can learn safely outdoors, while avoid ing the risk of catching COVID-19. Let’s provide our students with the best education possible.


Rita Oliva

Headphones for the children when they are working from home. This will help the children stay focused on what I am saying and not what’s goin on around them. Most of the children live in apartments that they share with other family members, and having a quiet spot is often hard to find.


Ms. McGuigan

My students are 4th grade fully remote learners. My students have the basic materials for remote learning, but are yearning to create projects to enhance and show what they have learned. Students also want to do a shared reading that is not online and would like to have physical books to read as a class.


Banomatee Nath

I am an ENL 2nd grade teacher in an ICT class. I work in a school community of many students whose families are immigrants. Since part of my week is remote and many of my students have siblings that are also learning from home, It's quite difficult for them to keep their focus. The most important item I am asking for are 7 headphones for my students to be used with I-pads and/or laptops . This will help alleviate the background discourses of other in the home. Thank you in advance for your generosity.


Mrs. Nunez

I’ve been an elementary teacher for 13 years, and I’ve taught 5th grade math for the last 3 years. My goal is to get kids to not fear math!! To help them understand that they ARE good at math and that they CAN do it!


Ms. A. Carrion

Hi, I'm an ENL 2nd grade teacher. This is my 14th year teaching, however; with all the uncertainties feel as if its year 1. My goal is to provide students with their own materials and supplies. Teaching hybrid requires me to have materials at home and work. Thanks for helping teachers!


Ms. Cai's Wish List

I've been teaching at P.S.169 since 2001. I've taught many different grades and loved every single one of them. However, every year I need certain essential supplies to help me mold the great minds. I really appreciate your help!


Bing Ye

Dear donors. Please help me in providing my students with art materials so they can have tangible opportunities to be creative at home.


Srour-Art Teacher

SPS169 is a TitleI elementary school in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. We have a diverse ELL population who qualify for 100% free lunch. Students are mostly on remote learning from home and need supplies in order to participate in a meaningful and rigorous visual art curriculum.


Ms. Miranda

Our dual Chinese program prides itself in creating the most hands-on bilingual learning environment for our young learners. As the school year continues with the majority of the time remotely, our students need accessible material to best learn virtually with teachers. These Chinese writing practice books will allow the students to master reading and writing fluency as well as help our teachers to best manage and provide necessary differentiation.


Cindy Colon-Santiago

These are materials the children can use while at home to focus more on their learning. They also don’t have materials to do art. I have noticed they have many people and distractions around them and these headphones can help them!

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Sarah Ferholt

I am the music teacher at SPS and we are in need of funding to continue our joyful live school-wide weekly concert series, Music Connects NYC through the end of the year.

Digital slp


Digital subscription for speech language therapy.

Gift card

Ms. Silbert

Gift card to purchase resources and materials to use during speech sessions


Ms. Ruiz

I have been an Elementary School teacher for 26 years, after being in an out of classroom position for the past 5 years I am back in the classroom teaching Kindergarten and 1st grade. What a year to return to the classroom! It has been challenging and difficult but at the same time absolutely wonderful and beautiful. These little babies have taught me how to be still in the midst of a storm and have fun while riding it out. We are learning through the hybrid model where we go from in person learning to remote instruction during the week. My goal is to have the supplies necessary in the classroom to allow the students to learn in an environment and versatile, yet fun! I would also like to help create a learning environment at home that will support and meet their needs as well. The items on this list would help give my students that opportunity.