About Sunset Park School

Our Vision

At Sunset Park School, our core values - Friendship, Integrity, Responsibility, and Excellence (FIRE) - drive our vision. We are a welcoming, inclusive community where we celebrate the diversity among our students, staff, and community members. We foster a love of learning by providing an enriching, well-rounded education. We open students' eyes to the world around them, encourage them to make positive change in their community, and support them as they realize their full potential. Together, we work for a better tomorrow.

Friendship, Integrity, Responsibility, Excellence


1. Focus on rigorous instruction: Teachers and administrators continually improve instruction to be inclusive, culturally relevant, and joyful. We strive to intrinsically motivate students, have students challenge assumptions, and actively engage in ambitious intellectual activity to develop critical thinking skills.

2. Build capacity and leadership: Teachers build agency by proposing a wide range of projects and initiatives that are interest driven and reflective of their content knowledge. They all participate in professional development and learning within a culture of respect and continuous improvement.

3. Maintain and create strong community partnerships: We expect all families, pedagogues, and stakeholders to be our partners in our mission to provide the highest educational experience to all our students by developing relationships with impactful community-based organizations, connecting communities, and pulling support from our local and international businesses to our needs.

4. Advance equity: We are a community of diverse teachers and learners, empowered by the opportunities to share who we are as people and valuing our families’ cultures. By embracing students’ identities, histories and cultures, our students will feel seen and loved. Our goal is for our students to foster a love of learning to stimulate critical thinking and develop a strong identity at school and home. As barriers are lifted, students will access rigorous learning through meaningful experiences and content, reflective of their history, culture, and language.