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Learning Leaders

Learning Leaders

The mission of the Learning Leaders is to help New York City public school students succeed by training volunteers to provide individualized instructional support and other school-based support, and empowering parents to foster their children’s educational development. Anyone interested in becoming a learning leader please contact our parent support team


How old do I have to be? 18 years of age. Do I need teaching experience or a teaching degree? No teaching degree or experience necessary. Do I get paid for this? No. Our volunteers devote their time and skills free of charge. The reward is earned in making a positive difference in the lives of NYC public school children. How long a commitment do I have to make? We ask that you commit for a minimum of one school year, for a minimum of two hours a week. Where does the training occur? Training occurs at the Learning Leaders central office and at schools throughout the five boroughs of New York City. Can I be placed near my home, job or school? While we cannot guarantee a specific placement, we try our best to place our volunteers near their place of business, home or school. Can I tutor at an elementary school and a middle school during the same school year? Yes, you may tutor at both levels during the same school year, but you must first complete the required training for both levels. What are other ways, besides tutoring, I may assist Learning Leaders? If you want to assist Learning Leaders but are not able to volunteer your time, you can make a donation. For every $25 contributed, we can provide a child with a year of volunteer help. Alternatively, you can assist with marketing, fundraising or special events. If you’d like to do so, please contact us. I would like to tutor at a school for the deaf or blind. All persons who would like to volunteer at these schools must first attend the elementary school training session, at the Learning Leaders office. To work with the School for the Deaf, volunteers must be capable of conducting a successful interview in sign language. As a college student, can I get college credit for volunteering? Check with your specific school department (counselor) to see whether you are eligible to receive credits for volunteering.

Code of conduct for learning leaders volunteers

As a volunteer, you represent Learning Leaders. Thank you for your cooperation in respecting the following important guidelines. AS A LEARNING LEADER, YOUR ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES IN THE SCHOOL ARE UNIQUE.
  1. UNDERSTAND that your role is a supportive one and that you must follow school rules. The teacher and principal are completely in charge.
  2. USE good judgment to avoid any compromising situations. Work in a room with other people at all times. Never be left alone with one student out of view of other people. Always keep the doors open.
  3. YOU MAY NOT be left in charge of a classroom.
  4. REMEMBER Learning Leaders are only permitted to work with students on school grounds and under the supervision of public school staff.
  5. REMEMBER Learning Leaders may not be in contact with students outside of the classroom, including via phone, text messaging, or internet.
  6. YOU MAY NOT work in your own child’s classroom.
  7. MAINTAIN student confidentiality at all times. Do not discuss any student with anyone except teachers, counselors, and Learning Leaders Program Managers.
  8. DO NOT MAKE PROMISES you can’t keep. Avoid statements like, “Study hard, and you’ll definitely pass the test.”
  9. FOLLOW Learning leaders guidelines strictly. Ask the teacher or Learning Leaders staff for assistance with problematic student behavior. Physical discipline and verbal abuse are absolutely prohibited.
  10. REPORT any physically abusive or sexually exploitative behavior toward a student to a staff person immediately.